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Strength which is found in women today is from how smart they are to behave and beautify themselves. Indeed, it becomes an absolute value of this era when women can have a cachet style without difficulties. A lightweight material, affirmation topnotch materials is needed to be an important point for wearable point for every fashion observer, without forgetting to mention women. Born from the inspiration of women and for women, MAY AND JUNE had thought about this issues, yet in ‘palm hands’ of the notable fashion retail business company ALLEIRA, is ready to make a variant ‘dishes’ of style which can be a stylish outer appearance for their future or regular clienteles.

With the Peony flower symbol, a symbol of joyful spring, this fashion retail label represents how women can be pretty at every single occasion, to be always growing up-to-the-minute passionately. In the talented presence of the fashion designer, they dedicate their time for making women can be look mode flawless in their own way in the name of this brand. From the dazzling pencil skirt colour for body shaping, their many alternate undoubted good quality of print tops to day and medium and maxi night dresses, until the ultra light chiffon silk baggy slacks, they are actually understand what women really need to ‘standing out among the crowd, yes, since they, themselves, are women.

Peony itself means romance and opulence, in the mixture of that, we are hoping as a new brand, we can be a romance for you also. As the romance means caring and nurturing so hesitation is not the answer of your need of filling up-to-date trend concern. 

Visit our store at Senayan City 2nd Floor shop 2-1 (021-72781126), for further information, please simply click our website at Enjoy ladies; be that romance and we will serve you at our best style recommendation. We heart you

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